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Favorite ThisSmoakland wants to share 'God's Gift'

Published: February 24, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

SmoaklandThe long-awaited debut of Smoakland at The Untz Festival has been greeted with intense adoration by fans of Harrison Hays and Anthony Battaglia. The west coast duo has amassed a rabid fan base in a remarkably short amount of time. Getting tons of love from east coast crew, The Gradient Perspective, our friends are bringing out Harry and Anthony to the delight of fans coast to coast.

So what makes these two so special? The passion to pursue, unafraid and unabashedly, new sonic territories. Which brings us to today's premiere, “God's Gift,” an absolute scorcher of a tune. This drum and bass adventure covers a ton of different low end styles, running right smack into a hefty halftime breakdown that stopped us dead in our tracks. This is our first taste of the nine-track album the boys have in store for us in April.

Bottom line is, there's still time to get on board the Smoakland train, and not look like a poser when everyone is talking about them in 6 months. We'll see you at the end of May at Sycamore Ranch.

Tags: Drum and Bass