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Favorite ThisSlim Thugz: Living Dreams EP Released

Published: March 28, 2011

Slim Thugz - Living Dreams EPBoulder's Slim Thugz are building a bridge between two growing and powerful scenes. Frequent C and The Candyman recently released their Living Dreams EP, a bold blend of hip-hop, downtempo, and crunk that passes the peace pipe between the Rocky Mountains and the Left Coast.

The Colorado has come to be dominated by the Pretty Lights aesthetic: strict hip-hop backbeats paired with cold, crisp vocal samples and fluffy synth melodies. The Bay Area and L.A. have their own crunk and lazerbass movement. Slim Thugz' EP opener "Balance" hits the nail on the head. It strikes a precise balance between the two sounds. "Primitive" marries NiT GriT wobble with the attitude and discipline of Kraddy. Frequent C and The Candyman are trained musicians. Their attention to detail is a dead giveaway. Their passion for late 80's-early 90's hip-hop, though, is evident in their snatch of the a cappella from Soul II Soul's "Back to Life." Nothing but class on this EP, stay tuned for more from the Thugz.

Living Dreams EP