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Favorite ThisSizzleBird - How We Were [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: December 6, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

For a while now, The Untz staff has been absolutely enamored with a certain youngster out of the UK. Classically trained violinist Ot Moruno Bird has been releasing a steady stream of chillout and downtempo tunes with addictive grooves and hypnotic beats. As SizzleBird, the understated producer prolifically sends brilliant waves of serenity out into the ether. We are lucky enough to bring you "How We Were," today. While the track didn't make the final tracklist for Illuminate, his forthcoming album out next week (December 10th), it did make its way into our hearts, immediately. It's the perfect introduction to the SizzleBird oeuvre for the uninitiated, and fans of Emancipator, Govinda, and Kalya Scintilla will immediately fall in love all over again.

As Bird describes the album, "The ideas are all down to moments in time, and the emotions those moments have given me. The melodies and harmonies that reflect those moments are what give importance to the tracks on the album; in a way illuminating what I was feeling at that moment in time."