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Favorite ThisSizzleBird: Endless Pathway

Published: December 31, 2012
By: Allegra Dimperio

When writing about electronic music, the words “track,” “tune,” and “banger” have largely replaced the seemingly naïve word “song.” But when moving away from club and festival favorites and into the land of ambient chillstep, there is a musicality and intention that makes “song” feel like an appropriate term.

British producer SizzleBird has released such a song by way of “Endless Pathway,” a lush composition with floating vocals, layered pianoprogressions, expanding orchestral tones and a relaxed drum and bass line. A classically trained violinist, SizzleBird (aka University student Ot Moruno Bird) seems to have found his niche in the chill scene, producing a sound that brings to mind Minnesota without the hip-hop, early Pretty Lights,and Seven Lions without the breakdowns.If you’re looking for a musical experience that’s more than a prefabricated track, tune in, turn up and dive in to “Endless Pathway.”

Tags: BreaksDowntempoDrum and Bass