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Favorite ThisSixis puts a dark twist on Frequent's 'DEILD'

Published: December 7, 2017

By: Baxtak

SixisPaying homage to one of the most creative albums released this year, Sixis gives us a remix of “DEILD” off of Frequent's Dream Recall. The remix sees Ben Wyss move away from his traditionally more squelchy and psychedelic sound towards a darker and more brutal direction. This is a beautiful thing to witness; the convergence of what we used to traditionally call psychedelic and neuro, into the utmost pleasure one can get from digital musical mindfuckery.

Technically-speaking, the production on this remix is immaculate, with a kind of soundsphere feng shui giving coherence to an otherwise chaotic collection of sounds; that's from left to right, low to high, and timely mixing of all the different layers in the song. Sixis also delivers in terms of danceability and there's a solid sense of cadence that balances out the glitchiness in perfect unison.

Overall, this is perfect for anyone who likes their bass music futuristic and chiselled with a laser cutter to the musical equivalent of 8K fidelity quality. Let's just say that androids do in fact dream of sheep, if the said sheep are created on a DAW by Sixis.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepGlitch