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Favorite ThisSixis premieres 'Void Piercer' in alignment with new EP release

Published: March 15, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

SixisFresh off a month long tour in Australia, Ben Wyss is celebrating the release of his lastest EP, The Last Question, on taste-making international label, Shanti Planti. Today, four new Sixis tunes make their way to the internet, and onwards to your speakers, and we're beyond thrilled.

We were lucky enough to snag the lead tune from the EP to premiere for fans today. In signature Sixis fashion, every single sixteenth note is in its exact right place. There are no stray sounds or extraneous filler—every minute detail is arranged precisely, and at the confluence of psychedelia and strategy you'll find Sixis. Wyss finds the right balance of darkness and light in this squishy little number, “Void Piercer,” and that's just the tip of the iceberg for this solid EP.

This is what Sixis had to say about the new album:

As we move forward in time, irreversible events occur. An endless web of reactions unfolds. Imagination, matter, and spirit guide us through a universe composed of both order and chaos. So little is understood, yet we have come so far. It seems that all there is to know could be laid out as a single, interminable and fluid experience. But beyond this, what is next?

The Last Question is a culmination of over a year’s experimentation and emotional involvement with sound. This release pushes further into the Sixis project, exposing new worlds and new journeys. Abstract ideas gel together into a precisely streamlined experience, simultaneously leaving a vast expanse up to the listener’s imagination. Each person who engages with the music plays a vital role in constructing its meaning. Thank you for your participation.

A mysterious transmission was released late last week from the Zebbler Encanti Experience camp which seemed to indicate something might be afoot with Sixis in the coming months, but that communication has ceased to exist, which leaves us wondering if something big on the horizon for Mr. Wyss.

Get The Last Question now from Addictech.

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