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Favorite ThisSirensCeol ft Brenton Mattheus - Overcome

Published: May 9, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

We're addicted! Plain and simple, we can't get enough SirensCeol. Stephen Burke is teaching us things about ourselves we never knew. First of all, we're suckers for a positive message. That much is for certain. There is nothing like a thoughtful, introspective, and inspirational song with lyrics that don't just sit there, but crawl up inside you. What we did know, however, is that SirensCeol knows his way around a drop. Shimmering waves of synth magic wash over your speakers like the ocean crashing against the rocks in the Bay where Burke calls home. This effervescent quality is so refreshing and crisp, we may as well be describing Sierra Mist. It's poignant and fun, and he and Brenton Mattheus are the dynamic duo we've been waiting for.