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Favorite ThisSirensCeol - Coming Home [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: March 27, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

SirensCeol has 100% nailed the lovestep sound. Thundering bass and glitched out drops filled with vocal snippets and bone-crushing subsonic frequencies are just part of the game for Stephen Burke. The young beatsmith, who we'll have you know, is still a relative newcomer to the industry, has dominated the production game, rivaling veterans with decades under their belt with a single Soundcloud link. It would come as no surprise if we learned that Burke was ghost-producing for some of the biggest names out there (sorry to out you if you are, bud). The come-hither vox of "Coming Home" clash briliantly with the devastating drops and breathtaking climaxes of this track. And of course, it's free, because SirensCeol is just a nice guy.