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Favorite ThisSir Charles: VNS FLY TRP

Published: December 5, 2012

In VNS FLY TRP, Sir Charles takes the fundamentals of high energy, 808, hip-hop music and blends them with an electronic sound palette. Simple yet catchy, the tracks are infused with vocal one shots and brass orchestral sounds, atmospheric pads and percussive buildups; all culminating into big beat minimal drops.

In Cash to the Ceiling, Charles opens with a brassy build-up that drops into a deep, steady, grounding bass, only to be swept up again with the signature pitched down vocals of trap music and contrasting harmonic builds.

In Rubba Folks Charles takes two of his favorite vocalist (Missy Elliot and Juelz Santana) and blends their certain vocal shots together with solid 808 kicks, pitch bent synths, and big “bring it back” drops to create a flowing heavy club track.

In Purple Yellow Jello, Charles breaks it down to the fundamentals of trap and gives it a more electronic feel with the classic “vwoop” synth, big percussive builds, and vocals that pay homage to the boys sippin purple, and the girls shakin’ it like jello.

Tags: ElectroHard DanceHip HopHouse