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Favorite ThisSignal Path - Habitats review

Published: October 18, 2013
By: Robert Martin

Forged in the mountains of Missoula, Montana, Signal Path has been churning out free records for over a decade. Their newest release, Habitats, finds the four-piece exploring its instrumental sensibilities far more than on previous releases, and the result is something worth paying for. In seven tracks, Signal Path successfully ventures into a number of sonic landscapes, each more daring than the last.

There’s the progressive spacey jams of “Glow” paired with the classic dubstep influences of “Last Remembrance of The Serengeti.” The group even dabbles in hip-hop, bringing the obscure Bay Area rapper, Relic Secure, in for a verse on “Wolf Cry.”

The band conjures a plethora of sounds and styles, but that ever-so-important groove is never lost on Habitats. These recordings play very well, and every piece of the record further indicates that the threesome is likely best experienced live.

The art of mixing live instrumentation with generous helpings of electronic low-end has already been fine-tuned by headlining acts like STS9 and Lotus, but Signal Path’s ability to expand beyond the range of “electronic jam-band” places them in a category apart. A look into their back catalogue finds mixes sampling the likes of The Roots, A$AP Rocky, and Cults all to great effect. It’s this versatility that makes the band and their new record so exciting. Signal Path has been making music under the radar for some time now, but if Habitats is any indication, their name could easily be a big one come next festival season.

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