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Favorite ThisShreddie Mercury: Powerglove: Pt. 2

Published: September 4, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

“Spectrum” by German producer Zedd has quickly become this year’s most ubiquitous anthem, and the Beatport remix contest surrounding it has only helped skyrocket the track’s overnight ascension. With over 2,500 songs submitted throughout the last months from artists across the globe, it should go without saying that choosing a victor would be no easy task. Though after what we can only imagine was a grueling, gut wrenching process between the judges, a winner eventually arose from the ashes of this madness.

So, let us formally introduce you, for those who have not yet been acquainted, with Shreddie Mercury (Jonathan Kane). The producer out of Columbia, MO is known for unleashing exuberant synth patterns in every electrifying cut he drops, as he continues his steady rise to glory with a gripping style of electro house. This is what caught the attention of the judges, and can also experienced on colossal switch ups of Pendulum, Chromeo, and Childish Gambino, along with rampantly intriguing original tracks. On his most recent bump, Kane busts out a freebie to thank his die-hard fans for their support. “Powerglove: Pt. 2” opens up with tantalizing, melody driven synth lines that quickly paint a blissful scene for listeners. Mercury infuses the song with elements of his quintessential electro tones, but this time with a twist; a slight moombah groove that simply gives it that extra bounce at times.
A captivating tune from a rising star that has only begun to hit his stride these last few months. Keep a close eye on this up and comer, because the sky is undoubtedly the limit.           

Tags: Electro