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Favorite ThisShamanic Technology & Dusko debut 'Jive Talk'

Published: November 29, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Shamanic Technology & DUSKOWe are always on the lookout for international glitch acts who you absolutely need to know. The UK's Shamanic Technology and Canadian artist DUSKO are coming together to release Artifacts on Omni Temple next month.

These two are sonically linked to Slug Wife acts like Kursa and Seppa, as well as some of our favorite glitch guys Mr. Bill, KOAN Sound, and OPIUO. You can kinda hear the neuro slant on their lead single, “Jive Talk,” which we are thrilled to premiere today, but there are also some underlying psybass elements—and that blend that we get is reminiscent of newer Whitebear, BogTroTTeR, and Sixis that we've been hearing.

Full of interesting sonic choices and fun throwback flavors (like a tricky little 'amen break'), the little teases we're getting of this fun pairing have us excited for the album's release. Thankfully, you can download this one for free while you wait.

Artifacts is out December 20.

Tags: Glitch