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Favorite ThisShadow Attack: Aqua Dipped Review

Published: December 9, 2011

by Natty Morrison

Shadow AttackDetroit’s very own Deepblip records has been on fire this year, boasting a label roster nearly as deep as the variety of sounds it produces. But the man behind Deepblip, Jeremy Judkins, is not your usual label entrepreneur; he’s also the fabulously talented producer behind Shadow Attack. And he’s just put out a new , Aqua Dipped, that defines the very term “must hear.”

The album opens with “After Dark,” a track heavy on atmosphere and full of intrigue. Cinematic and abstract, it plays like the opening of a dark film noir flick, foreshadowing the twitchy glitch sounds to come. The title track is quick to give the story a pick-up, blending smooth synth with skittering drums and white noise, but never standing still. That’s one of the best things about Shadow Attack: he’s always looking forward. If “Aqua Dipped” was the first act, the next few tunes move swiftly into the realm of the bad guys. “Bubble Gutz” comes at you with messy force, and “Detroit Hustle” might just be the greatest music ever written for a late night rendezvous.

Throughout the entire album, there is a sense that something is building to a head. But where most producers would use that sense of propulsion as a means to the typical huge drop end, Judkins strives for something more. The music is often unsettling, but in a good way. If this is the music to a mystery movie, it’ one directed by David Lynch. Around every corner, the young DJ finds new ways to surprise his listeners while keeping an eye out for the dark places. “Simply Beautiful” sounds dangerous but feels hypnotic, with a mildly distorted voice speaking of the “point of no return.” This album will floor you, because it seems to tell a story without ever having to commit to a plot. It’s far more interesting to explore the stories outside the story, to play the sounds outside of the sound.

Shadow Attack - Bubble Gutz