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Favorite ThisSecret Recipe & Xotix let the 'Bass Kick'

Published: February 25, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

Secret Recipe & XotixMere seconds after premiering Secret Recipe's tune “Pendulate” with Asteroids and Earthquakes and Zimbu, he dropped me a line saying he had a new collab EP with Xotix coming out on Bassrush this same month.

Our boy Benji Hannus has teamed up with Jake Bragonier, Richie Lucov, and David Monath for an explosive three-track EP out tomorrow, February 26th. Their collective Rabbithole EP features a lot of the high-flying trap that landed Xotix on the map this past year, as well as Secret Recipe's melodic, more glitch-driven bass.

Today we premiere “Bass Kick,” which grows from a steady growl to a full-throated roar. By the time the drop hits, it's too late—the payload has been delivered and your cabinets are toast.

We're still holding out hope that The Untz Festival lands on its prescribed dates this summer, and fans know that Secret Recipe is a huge part. If Xotix keeps up their prolific and pristine streak, they'll be joining us before long.

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