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Favorite ThisSavant: Cult [Album out now]

Published: July 9, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Discovering electronic music that’s truly innovative and entirely fresh has become a task these days. Felix Cartal said it best recently when he posted “I have this theory that you could take the majority of top 100 tracks on Beatport, mix up the artists’ names, and then ask people to tell you which track is whose, and they couldn’t do it.” Sadly, this statement is entirely on point.
SavantRadio-ready bullshit and unoriginal garbage aside, there are still nuggets of gold just waiting to be discovered. Meticulously crafted, inspiring as hell, and all together unique. No shortcuts, just artists taking a blank canvas and composing magic. And without further ado, we introduce Cult. The savage release off Section Z coalesces Savant’s enthralling desire to produce high-powered, boundless tunes with an obvious fondness for video games, resulting in absolute insanity.

Moments of chaos juxtaposed with intriguing beauty quickly set the pace for Cult, establishing a fitting and ambitious theme. Stunning orchestral melodies sit beside quirky Mario samples on “Robin Hood,” while “Kali 47” flutters between summery jazzy vibes, tumultuous drum ‘n’ bass grooves, and riveting string sections. Not your average description of dance music.
Another apparent theme on Cult revolves around an ongoing desire to synthesize and bend numerous genres. The genre is Savant, and attempting to classify beyond that would be foolish. Tracks like “Can’t Touch This” and  “Butterfly” solidify this claim, establishing a flow of consciousness form of production that plays off our generation’s short bursts of attentiveness. Who needs adderall, this is your cure for A.D.D.
The longhaired Norwegian strikes again, delivering an album filled to the brim with genre-defying anthems. Savant packs a mighty punch on Cult, evoking endless schools of music theory and childhood intentions to create bass music’s most daring release this year.

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