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Favorite ThisRyan Viser (Filibusta live band) premieres free Metamorphosis album

Published: June 2, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Master trumpeter Ryan Viser today unveils his Metamorphosis album. Somehow, the producer and instrumentalist found time between long stretches on Filibusta's live band tour to assemble a thirteen-track monster that combines elements of funk, trap, and plenty of that NOLA sound.

Standouts like "Datura," "Things Are Gonna Change," and opener "Here Comes the Hurt," have plenty of trumpet, tons of southern flavor, and a pinch of Latin America with exotic melodies amidst all the bass. Viser has picked up plenty of influences from his long road trips as trumpeter and co-collaborator with Troy Probst aka Filibusta, and you can hear it all in this album. By the way, we take full credit for that match made in sonic heaven. The album, we take zero credit for, but know it's going to be a gamechanger, nonetheless.

Tonight (June 2), Ryan Viser takes a break from the road, playing his hometown of Shreveport, LA at Ernie's for Techno Tuesdays, which he's been instrumental in building up to a solid performing weekly event. The show will function as the big release party for Metamorphosis, and signal a brand new chapter in this hustling artist's career.

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