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Favorite ThisRudebrat: The Quick and The Dead EP Review

Published: March 7, 2013
By: Hans Holborn

Rudebrat, Jake Bratrude, the 22-year-old DJ/Producer from Dublin, California has graced the EDM scene with his second EP, The Quick and the Dead, released on Simplify RecordingsA current psychology student with a minor in EDM at UCSC, yes there’s a minor for that, is not only utilizing his class time for his craft, but is dropping tracks that are capturing the attention of bass enthusiasts and fellow DJ’s, including the Bay Area’s Switchup and Sublock. 
The Quick and the Dead continues with Rudebrat’s mission of “heavy, filthy, distorted, melodic, dubstep-electro craziness,” as Bratrude fluently describes it.  The EP revisits two tracks, “Lunar VIP” (a Skrillex-like arrangement with heavy dubstep influence and intermittent, high-frequency tonal accents) and “Whiskey Dream VIP” (a heavy-hitting drum and bass tune with deep wobbled leads and piercing highs), from his first EP, Lunar.  The tracks carry the same catchy melodic design; however, the sound and feel have substantially improved. An unpretentious amount of alterations are clearly noticed, but they boast a superior final product for Rudebrat.
The title track, “The Quick and the Dead,” a heavy drum and bass banger, seamlessly correlates to Rudebrat’s history with metal bands.  Bratrude, whose intrepid instrumentalist talent can be felt by the pulsating down-strum bass hits, tunefully encapsulates his understanding of implementing past talents into present ones.   The album’s standout is “Wont Stop.” This 808 drumstep/trap banger stipulates recognition due to its highly contagious drops and appealing loops. At 145 BPM, Rudebrat begins with orchestral synth accompaniment and drops a Flosstradamus-esque chorus that is sure to be a hit with trap heads.
As Bratrude continues to produce music in and out of the classroom, listeners can be certain to expect another EP from Rudebrat in the near future.  As both of his EP’s were released less than a year apart from each other, one can only anticipate the release date of the next installment (this time, hopefully, with all new original tracks).

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