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Favorite ThisRudebrat - Cheat Code

Published: October 26, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

One of the newest additions to the Vital SC team, Jake Bratrude, is already busy making moves. The 20-year-old producer came on strong, after spending the bulk of his teen years playing it loud, fast, and hard in metal bands. However, getting an early start at the age of 14, Bratrude could be found at house and drum&bass raves. A couple years ago, the producer/DJ known now as Rudebrat was born when he splurged on a pair of decks and dove into dubstep. Fellow Vital rostermate Getter is credited with introducing Rudebrat's sound to the world. But he's taking a different tack with his latest release. "Cheat Code" comes from the world of electro, blending 8-bit synths with really deep bass and the echoing pads that can be traced directly back to his passion for house. Bubbling and funky, the peaks and valleys of "Cheat Code" are instantly memorable and addictively hummable.