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Favorite ThisRoger Shah + Niko Zografos / 1015 Folsom / 5.8.10

Published: May 15, 2010

By: Marcos Blanco

Trance lovers were in for a special treat at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco on May 8, 2010.  Not only were Transcend resident DJs such as Niko Zografos playing, but most notably John Beaver and world-famous German electronic music composer and producer Roger Shah, were in the house to please the ears of the masses.

Zografos, an up and coming Bay Area trance DJ and producer, played a two hour progressive trance set in the basement floor of 1015 Folsom. The crowd of people in the room was small, but their enthusiasm for Niko’s set was in full effect.

Trance fans in the room were dancing and gyrating their bodies in tune with Niko’s music; going into slow-motion mode when the tempo slowed down and then bobbing their heads and spinning around the dance floor the next moment as the tempo rose back up to heavy bass levels.

As Zografos finished up his set at around almost midnight, the main room in 1015  Folsom was beginning to fill up with what looked like over 200 guests as San Jose DJ, John Beaver, was warming up the crowd with his energetic brand of trance.

The huge throng of people were feeding off of Beaver’s energy and vice-versa as he was raising his hands up, jumping up and down and smiling, getting the crowd pumped for the rest of the night that was to unfold.

At the end of his set, Beaver introduced Shah to the stage and the crowd went wild, cheering loudly and clicking their cameras as Shah was preparing for his set.

Shah definitely knew how to put on a show as he hypnotized the audience with his upbeat melodic and Balearic trance. At certain points, he busted out his signature keyboard and started playing it live in front of the many camera-happy fans. Shah made the atmosphere in the main room positive and uplifting. His current, and possibly new fans, happily ate up everything he had to offer musically throughout the night.

Niko's excellent progressive trance set as well as great performances by Beaver and Shah, made this night of epic trance music very successful.

If you haven’t been to 1015 Folsom yet and you are a big fan of trance living in the Bay Area, do yourself a favor and make weekend plans with your friends to come check out Niko Zografos and other brilliant Djs perform at this impressive club.

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