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Favorite ThisRobotic Pirate Monkey - Booty Snatch EP

Published: March 15, 2013
By: Bijan Mirkheshti

Robotic Pirate Monkey's new EP Booty Snatch just hit the shore with a loud crash. In my opinion, members Matt Berryhill, Matt Flesher, and Andrew Hathaway have truly redefined their sound during the course of producing these five new tracks. The guys of RPM demonstrate a very tasteful selection of heavy bass glitch hop which keep the listener satisfied through the whole EP. It seems the goal of this collection was to give listeners more melodies and harmonics with these heavy bass lines, which create a dynamic that's thoroughly enjoyable. I'm very glad they did not go with "mid bass screaching," "EDM trap," or "brostep"--they simply chose to create a sound that is not only DANCE music, but also BASS music.

This EP features 2 specials guests:"Port Side Bounce" ft. Late Night Radio (who opened for a sold out crowd with Two Fresh & Griz earlier this month at The Ogden in Denver, CO) and "Lazer Hook" ft. The Digitial Connection (Mile High Sound Movement) on two separate tracks, both of which are my two favorite tracks on the EP.
RPM just started up a 27-city tour with support acts Alpha Data, R/D, and Freddy Todd. With performances lined up for Summer Camp Music Festival and many more festivals along the way, look out for ROBOTIC PIRATE MONKEY in a city near you!