Favorite ThisRevolvr - Podcast Episode 119

Published: May 4, 2012

An unlucky bit of corporate malfeasance sent Touvan Sughiarto back to his first love: music. After taking a day job out of college playing entrepreneur in the high stakes world of internet startups, his renegade CEO ran off with millions of dollars, and it was time for a vacation. A sunrise set at Burning Man reawakened the creative spark within Sughiarto, and it was time to revisit his studio. And revisit he did. Locking himself in for a stretch of months, Sughiarto reemerged with a new name, Revolvr, and a completely new sound.

revolvrHuge collaborations with Donald Glaude and vocalist Sue Cho have resulted in massive chart success, and an avalanche of remix requests. Revolvr will be spending his summer on the road, hitting clubs on both coasts, and making his name heard around the world. His biggest introduction to the East Coast will be at this year's Camp Bisco 11.

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Tags: ElectroHouse