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Favorite This[REVIEW] Robot's Don't Sleep (and neither does Robot Koch)

Published: May 9, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

Robot’s Don’t Sleep is the collaborative effort from German producer Robot Koch and American vocalist John LaMonica. This blend of melodic trip-hop and the depth of LaMonica’s vocal abilities create a sincere crest of euphoric rhythms and resonant reminders of the sweet solace of life. The Mirror LP is their first full- length album, containing 12 tracks that exemplify the far-reaching talents of this intercontinental duo.

Opener "Trouble" delivers a chilling ambiance accompanied by LaMonica’s harmonic vocal sample that echoes, “Freedom is a state of mind”. The lyrics inject a profusion of longing that undulates within the superb atmosphere Robot Koch creates in production. The bellow of hearty bass kicks and angelic strings ripple across vocal leads and climb towards a point of departure from the past.

Title track "Mirror" steps forward into heavy synth work and impeccably haunting strings. The slow ghostly voice of LaMonica swims with a beautiful sadness that feels wholesome to the heart. In the end the creative talent of Koch shines throughout as beats blend into movements of spiraling synths and bracing drum work.

Closer "Satellite Falls" brings an enigmatic breakthrough of light that weaves a mysterious melancholy into bright, ecstatic joy. Once again LaMonica and Koch blend the lines between lament and triumph to shine on a fading spirit.

Mirror travels from past to present and in to the future. This album marks a new breakthrough in the development of cutting edge, creative electronic music. In a world that hangs by a fiber optic thread creativity and cunning will bring a myriad of imaginations together across countries and continents. The result will be a thriving culture of artists that push far and beyond the limits of the commercial into the outer reaches of ingenuity.

Robots Don’t Sleep should prove to be a special treat for any live audience. At the release of this album expect the Robot Koch tour to include many if not all fresh RDS tracks. You can find the full version of Trouble on the Robot Koch soundcloud page and expect the full album release in the next few weeks.