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Favorite ThisQuixotic To Be Featured On The Untz Podcast, Wakarusa

Published: March 23, 2011

Sensory overload does not even begin to describe the force that is Quixotic.  An amalgam of choreographers, dancers, musicians, composers, aerialists, and arts, Quixotic defies conventional theatrics, and breaks down the barriers between performers and artists in a complete production capturing light, movement, and sound in an enchanting and overwhelming format.  The group has performed by itself, with bands, and even with the Kansas City Symphony.

This summer, the Missouri-based outfit will be making several appearances at the Wakarusa Music and Arts Festival.  In anticipation of their big showcase, Quixotic director Anthony Magliano will be featured on an upcoming episode of The Untz Podcast.  A percussionist and composer, Magliano co-founded the group back in 2004.  Since then, the bar has inched higher and higher, with more advanced acrobatic rigs, envelope pushing ballet and breakdancing choreography, and a bigger sound.  Visit for more details.