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Favorite ThisQueen - Fat Bottom Girls (Love and Light Remix)

Published: August 19, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano
In a world where EDM producers are getting paid big bucks to remix all the new pop songs burning up the radio, it’s refreshing to see artists put a charismatic spin on a classic song, simply for the love of music.
This is the case for Love and Light’s newest edition to their burgeoning collection of old school revamps, which includes The Beatles, The Doobie Brothers, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Police, and now Queen.  “Fat Bottom Girls” is a jammin,’ midtempo monstrosity that adequately infuses groovy synth lines into the songs original vocals and bluesy production, and in turns creates an electrifying tune that spells a good time. Tantalizing snare hits strike throughout, and create an eccentric underbelly for this undeniably fresh and unique anthem. 70’s rock ‘n’ roll meets modern day glitch; what more can we say?