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Favorite ThisPsymbionic Presents: Neurovation (A Compilation for Charity:Water)

Published: September 27, 2012
By: Gracie Roberts

On September 25th, Gravitas Recordings and John “Psymbionic” Burcham released Neurovation, a musical compilation extremely unique in its mission. Neurovation was born out of a desire to support Charity:Water, an organization who works to provide clean water to rural villages and developing nations across the globe. 100% of Neurovation’s proceeds will be donated to Charity:Water. This potpourri of electronic music explores multiple genres, covering anything from mind-bending glitch hop to some of the softer, gentler sounds of ambient and downtempo beats. Coming together as one, Neurovation presents an international roster of top-quality DJs and producers that are putting their heads together to help an amazing cause.

Neurovation opens with Mr. Bill’s “Cheyah,” which immediately draws in the listener with a popping, glitch-filled beat. A few songs into the album, Gramatik’s “23 Flavors” follows up with glitchy synths laid over a steady dubstep beat, a slew of intriguing hip-hop samples, and electric guitar riffs that soar over the rest of the music.

“Farther” by Sugarpill emits the softer glitch sound with a subtle trap beat. Sounds of chimes in the background of the track give it an overall peaceful vibe.

“Returning to Inspiration” by ONE4ALL & The Digital Connection includes multiple types of glitch hop that keeps the listener guessing. Filled with roaring synths and snare drum beats, the energy put out by this track can’t be stopped.

Taking a turn for a more relaxed feel, Neurovation showcases its more ambient sounds near the end of the album. Unlimited Gravity’s “Cataplessa” is made up of a cruising bass line that runs at a comfortable pace, while Cryptex’s “Breaker” opens with soft, ambient tones laid on top of a slow dub beat.

Moving toward the collection’s close, Knight Riderz “Love Is Blind” is dominated by a repeated, high-pitched sample that is warped and twisted to make sounds that are truly out of this world. Finally, Kraddy finishes out Neurovation with “Operation Prometheus.” As one could guess, this track is colossal in its sound and nature. An echoing drum beat lies beneath screaming electric guitar riffs. A booming drum solo brings this seismic cut to a close.

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In addition to the release, The Untz is honored to be involved in the Neurovation contest that gives entrants a chance to win merchandise from The Glitch Mob, Starkey, and Kraddy, a Custom Livid Instruments OhmRGB, online classes from Dubspot and Gravitas and The Untz merchandise.

Neurovation is looking to serve a greater purpose by helping others, and with this level of talent bottled up into one musical compilation, we look forward to seeing its success.

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