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Favorite ThisPsy Fi comes in hot with epic new psytrap EP Colors [MalLabel]

Published: January 13, 2016

By: Logan Podbielski

One of the most versatile communities in electronic music these days is that of the growing psy-trap sect. These producers use heavy bass and alien flavors to create an environment capable of immersing any size crowd and they have done so for years now, making those otherworldy noises now familiar, but ever so choice. In a genre full of powerhouse performers, one to watch is Miles Ross aka Psy Fi and his new EP Colors showcases why that is.

Opening track "New Tricks" really sets the tone properly. Embracing that G Jones-y compressed bass sound, this sound is truly crunch central station. "Abraxas" really emphasizes how far this young NorCal producer has come with his sound in the past few years. With sounds so foreign they rival Bassnectar tracks, this song has an amorphous structure that really is quite the journey. Title track "Colors" is a dancefloor dictator that I would call a healthy mix of ambient sounds, heavy bass, and a trap-like structure with most of the several beats having hypnotic qualities.

"You Lift Me Up," which is the last of the five original mixes on this EP, takes traditional melodic bass sounds but combines them in a way only a producer with true talent could. The track making the most noise off this new Psy Fi installment is "Redliner." Despite its much slowed tempo in comparison to the other tracks, listeners can still see why this has received the most attention. Ross “throws bass around” as they say on this track and he’s throwing it everywhere and in all the right spots. Following suit with many producers in this genre, Ross is able to create a melody of vibrations that is truly the backbone behind these producer’s innate ability to command crowds of civilians.

Psy FiThe back half of this EP includes three "Redliner" remixes from Perkulat0r, HYPHA, and Muppet Punk, and two "You Lift Me Up" remixes from Hollis and Wu Wei. The standout remix has to be UNTZ fave Perkulat0r’s rendition of "Redliner." He slows the tempo down even more and adds even more foreign sounds sending the listener basically from Mars onward to Jupiter. All in all, this EP is cosmic quest that leads the listener deep into the world of psychedelic bass.

After giving this EP a listen we at The Untz are sure you’ll be a fan (if you're not already in the know). Furthermore, if you care to catch one of Psy Fi’s opulent and all-original live performances he does tour regularly so check his website then check ya schedules, kids. Having shared the stage with validated veterans such as Tipper, ill.Gates, Bassnectar, and more he has been given a proper seal of approval and continues to shred the psychedelic bass scene with other youngsters, having also spun alongside fellow bassheads G Jones and Minnesota. Look for him coming to a city near you soon.

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