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Favorite ThisPrototypeRaptor: Nostalgiarithm Review

Published: February 13, 2013
By: Hans Holborn

There are several subgenres within the scope of EDM, however, the new full-length album by up-and-coming OKC DJ/Producer PrototypeRaptor (Jonathan Paulsen), Nostalgiarithm, pushes the envelope by transcending one subgenre to the next.  One moment, you’re in a world of hard-hitting electro and the next, you’re feeling the deep bass and welcomed convolution of dubstep. Fans describe his style as a “face-melting assault” with elements of electro and progressive house; a realistic portrayal of what to expect when listeners press play.
Nostalgiarithm, released just last month, is PrototypeRaptor’s sophomore effort following debut, Penultimate, which was released three years prior.  Paulsen, just 22 years old, describes the album by stating, “It’s all about the downswing of a night on the town starting at peak hour with up-tempo club tracks and progressing down through more chilled out vibes until finally it passes out in the early morning. Of course, along the way there are plenty of detours...”
The opening track, “Timeless,” serves as the album’s initial single, and doesn’t disappoint.  The track opens with a melodic piano configuration and leads into a dance infused electro-house feel, the likes of which fellow virtuosi producers, Zedd included, would be happy to call their own.  Other tracks including “9bit Sunrise” and “The Adventurer” are sure to get your head swinging and your feet moving towards the dance floor with simple, yet catchy, foundational loops. Conversely, PrototypeRaptor has also included chill-step/house arrangements with respect to tracks like “Shrouds of Blue” and the album’s closer “4:30am;” which parallels Paulsen’s description of the album finally “passing out.”
The album was “a labor of love” for Paulsen, as it took him six months to complete. Nostalgiarithm hits harder than his previous work and provides fans with 12 original tracks.  Not a common occurrence for most DJs, as PrototypeRaptor omits the inclusion of bootlegs, remixes, and mash-ups. A breath of fresh air, in the EDM community, some would say. PrototypeRaptor’s talents have yet to bear the fruits of its labor in an explosive way; however, Nostalgiarithm sets the course for this to become an inevitability.