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Favorite ThisProJect Aspect - Extra Fly [Hyperspace out 1/21 on 1320 Records]

Published: January 20, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Just in time for Triple Threat Tour with Unlimited Gravity, Jay Jaramillo has dropped off a special tune with to launch us into Hyperspace. The brand new ProJect Aspect album drops tomorrow on 1320 Records, but enjoy "Extra Fly" to whet your appetite. Psy-bass splits your dome with a cornucopia of contemporary styles for the guitarist and producer. There's a lot happening on this cut, and it'll take more than a couple of listens for you to grasp it all. Which is just fine, because the addicting melodies will have you pressing repeat like Pavlov's dog. Glitch-hop at its finest, this experimental tune is exactly the kind of groundbreaking, genre-bending sonic wizardry you can expect when Unlimited Aspect hits the road in two days!