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Favorite ThisPretty Lights / Ogden Theatre / 3.13.10

Published: March 21, 2010


Music producer Derek Vincent Smith, and drummer Cory Eberhard of Pretty Lights, once again proved themselves to be the kings of the electronic world with their show in Denver at the Ogden on Saturday night. In their fifth and last show of the Colorado tour, Pretty Lights displayed their extreme versatility by combining elements of hip-hop, electronica, rock, soul, classical, and dubstep beats. Each track coincided with a mesmerizing show of multi-colored lights, along with an array of pictures on the screen.

The Ogden show kicked off with the trademark song "Finally Moving" in its original form. Pretty Lights hadn't played this song at any of their Colorado shows yet, so the sold-out crowd ate it up and held their glow sticks high as they danced and sang along.  Derek didn't miss a beat by diving right into the next track "I Can See it on Your Face," from his newly released album Making Up A Changing Mind. The energy given off from this new fan favorite was off the charts. With the fusion of old school funk, hip hop, and drops of dubstep, it was impossible not to dance to.  The setlist followed this pattern of playing old track to new track, keeping the everdancing crowd on their toes. A highlight of the show was when Pretty Lights played their new song "Still Rockin.” This song features a stronger dubstep beat than any other Pretty Lights song.

Pretty Lights played well into the night, without losing any attention of the crowd. The dancing frenzy finally came to a stop when it was time to cheer for their groundbreaking performance. With the Colorado flag and the Pretty Lights symbol displayed on the screen behind Derek, it was hard not to yell your face off for this phenomenal show in Denver.

Pretty Lights is set to release two more EP's by the end of this year, and each fan is waiting eagerly to see just what this electronic sensation will deliver next. No matter what it is, seeing Pretty Lights live is not something you want to miss out on.  

Pretty Lights makes all their albums available for free on their website at  Be sure to check out their latest one Making Up a Changing Mind, with their remarkable hit “I Can See It On Your Face.”

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