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Favorite ThisPretty Lights: Around the Block ft Talib Kweli (Official Music Video)

Published: April 15, 2013
Story by: Anand Harsh
Directed by: Anthony Dickenson/Pulse Films
Additional footage by: Krystle Blackburn/Pretty Lights Music

There has been a consensus among electronic music critics that the bubble is about to burst. That it's all been done before in the dubstep, electro, hip-hop, trance, and house scenes. Our thought is, as long as scenes have come and gone and died a thousand deaths, the tallest trees who remain standing long after rising to new heights are those that don't burn out, but re-invent themselves. Branch out and rediscover what it is to be truly great.

Anticipation has now reached a fever pitch for A Color Map of the Sun. The forthcoming studio effort from superstar producer Pretty Lights has been two years in the making, and taken on a mysterious life of its own that has fans worldwide salivating for a taste. The latest taste has come in the shape of a beautifully directed video for "Around the Block," featuring the inimitable Talib Kweli. A throwback hip-hop jam for the warmer weather is precisely the kind of thing that will keep PL fans sated, and quiet the haters who say Smith has lost his touch.

The appetizer comes in two courses. The back half is a trailer for the documentary which will accompany the massive album. Derek's promise to explore another side of Pretty Lights music by actually producing the source material from which he samples involves a bevy of musical luminaries from the past half century and a retro edge that would make both Daptone and Daft Punk proud. Shot by Pretty Lights Music's Krystle Blackburn, the doc--slated for a summer release to coincide with the July 2nd album debut--will give us an intimate look from beginning to end of how Smith weaves his wondrous tapestries of soul, funk, misery, joy, and triumph. He's going to take you around his block.

More information on the forthcoming album and documentary at:

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