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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Stone Soul & Focal Point - The Good Ole Days

Published: March 13, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

With a little help from Ed Helms and a stirring vintage horn section, Boulder's Stone Soul and Focal Point burst into bloom as Colorado's crisp mountain air heats up. Jordan Stone and Preston Flynn have been carving out their place in the stacked CO scene through tireless live performances, collabs, remixes, and originals, and people are starting to take notice nationwide.

Today's premiere, "The Good Ole Days," takes the electro-soul and future funk aesthetic to new heights with strategic samples and some good ol' fashioned bass blasts. We haven't heard classic funk repurposed like this since The Floozies, and the juxtaposition of nostalgic choruses with pitch-shifted interjections is pure magic. Download this one for free, and unload it on unsuspecting friends.

Stone Soul hits The 1UP on Colfax tonight in Denver, CO with Archnemesis, and finishes up his mountain run with Curt Heiny tomorrow night at the Taphouse in Steamboat Springs. Focal Point takes on Serenity Gathering next weekend in SoCal, and hits Euphoria Festival in Austin, TX next month. These are the good ole days...

Tags: GlitchHip Hop