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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Jimkata - Swimming in the Ocean (Psychic Spies Remix)

Published: July 29, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

We've been freaking out over Jimkata ever since we premiered "Beat The Curse" from the band's Feel In Light release earlier this year. Now, it comes full circle as we get the jump on the remixes from the EP, which are collected as Remix In Light, 8 tracks of the four piece's best friends in the biz, each taking a hack at the indie electro rock quartet's sunny songs.

Stephen Learson of The Indobox remixes "Swimming In The Ocean" as Psychic Spies. The two bands, Jimkata and Indobox, have shared a nearly decade long friendship as the two acts have criss-crossed the country together on multiple occasions.

"Evan [Friedell]'s voice has improved to the point where he can put down the guitar and belt it out like Freddy Mercury," Learson noted. "'Swimming In The Ocean' was the song that inspired me the most."

Psychic Spies takes a RAC-meets-Talking Heads approach to the cut that injects the shimmering tune with a gently bobbing nu-disco feel. The resulting remix fits perfectly into the neo-house aesthetic that is sweeping the industry. A sure sign that the rest of the album has potential far beyond the Jimkata fan base, alone.

Track List
1. Beat the Curse (Ted Bowne Remix) by Ted Bowne (Passafire)
2. Swimming in the Ocean (Psychic Spies Remix) by Stephen Learson
3. Feel in Light (Gooze Productions Remix) by Mike DeGuzman (Passafire)
4. Lighter (Dan Rad Remix) by Dan Rad
5. Beat the Curse (Lifted Ground Remix) by Lifted Ground
6. Feel in Light (Bells and Robes Remix) by Bells and Robes
7. Lighter (Double Tiger Remix) by Double Tiger
8. Beat the Curse (Chronicles of Sound Remix) by Adam Nash

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