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Favorite This[PREMIERE] Bluetech reveals "Dersu the Trapper" from Cosmic Dubs [Out 4/15]

Published: April 14, 2014
By: Tooesday Behr
Video by: Zachery Baker (

We have heard the words to every song that has been sung. They have been remixed, remastered, rewritten, and reviewed more than enough times to seize hold of our subconscious. They make us imagine that those played out words are the only ones that matter, the only stories that exist. But, words are history, they are lies thinly veiled in our ego, our perception, and our external wants. Words are dead.
Evan Bartholomew – better known as Bluetech – is putting life back in music. His five track EP Cosmic Dubs holds fast to the idea that words can be misconstrued but music can be passion, energy, and connectivity. The act of listening becomes meditation, and a story breaks through the riffs and beats becoming a bridge to something more.
There is hope in the opening of Wandering Spirits, the third song on the EP. As you walk along the track you are presented with challenges and opportunities. There is a light, crispness to it that casts a spell of discovery and shows an ability to overcome.
EP opener Somatic Serenade is a signature Bluetech track with all of the romance and tease that Evan’s music has been known for over the last decade.
He finishes off with a quiet dance called Point Cloud. The song is a journey to an internalized cave, water dripping off ancient rock formations while an underground stream collects the drops and moves them away. The sounds of movement echo off the walls and reverberate back and create rhythm.
The EP is nothing less than what we have come to expect from Bluetech over the years. It is a simple example of something more, a roadmap to something greater. Don’t take my words for it though. Figure out what it says to you.

Cosmic Dubs is out April 15th, and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

Tags: Downtempo