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Favorite ThisPorter Robinson: 2nd anniversary of his debut show (video)

Published: August 12, 2013
By: Becca Bradshaw

Before blowing up the world of house music with hits like “Language” and “Spitfire, 21 year old producer Porter Robinson had never seen a DJ’s set before debuting at Motiv in Santa Cruz October 8, 2010. Fast-forward exactly two years later, Porter organized a celebratory anniversary show on the same night at the same venue, free to handpicked superfans chosen via Instagram competition. Lucky for Porter enthusiast the emotional night, joined my bromance trance mega-producer Zedd, was recapped into a 4minute heart-rending video.
The mini-movie begins with behind the scenes footage of Porter and Zedd  horseplaying, quickly advancing to an illustration of the emphasis on the commemoration. “Language” starts to play as glowsticks and movement engulf the screen, 100% of the bodies filling Motive being there to embrace and support Porter. 
“It feels weird for me to be so nostalgic about something that happened only 10 months ago, but it was that amazing.” –Porter Robinson
The capacity of intense emotions encompassed in the recapitulation is worth expending 4minutes, regardless your level of Porter fandom.

Tags: DubstepElectroHouse