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Favorite This[PHOTOS] Zomboy, Trollphace ignite Webster Hall NYC February 7, 2015

Published: February 13, 2015
Photos and story by: Chris Conte

This was my first show in a long time that I went to sober. I am declaring February as a sober month. I felt it was time to flush a liver a bit. Hit the restart button if you will.

If you haven't gone to a show sober in some time, do it, you get to enjoy it in a whole new light. It was purifying experience to say the least. You are strictly vibing off the energy of the artist and the crowd. It is a refreshing, purely sourced vibe. The power is coming straight from the point of the supply, the origin. There is nothing clouding or enhancing your view. If the artist is good, the experience is good. If the artist sucks, you can tell pretty easily.

The bass heavy LAXX hailing from the UK performed his debut US show that night and he came in like a firestorm. The Webster Hall crowd is always down for a rager and LAXX set the tone for what would be an insane night. The crowd generously responded to his originals, as well as cuts from Snails, RL Grime and Destroid, it was obvious that we were ready to have Webster Hall's roof blown off.

Trollphace took the stage with a ferocity of a metal or hardcore band would. This heavyweight dubstep monstrosity made the crowd erupt into a mosh pit.

I have a confession to make; I don't like moshing at dubstep shows. It is the opposite vibe of what should be going down. We are there to rage together to music that gives us a release. It's supposed to be positive. There is nothing wrong with raging hard, by all means grab me by the shoulder and let's jam together but when fists start getting thrown, that's where I draw the line. You're not there to see Suicide Silence. There are no lyrics about hating the world we live in, we are there to celebrate the world we live in and dance our asses off. On the other hand I do understand that the music can insight this profound energy and that needs to be exerted somehow. Just don't hurt people. Okay, end rant.

Trollphace is insane live, he is a Roman gladiator of the dubstep world. His whole set goes hard, it is relentless and earth shattering. The crowd was exuding this fierce energy that was displayed by multiple mosh pits. Trollphace was inciting the crowd into making the pits bigger and they happily complied. His extremely fervent set primed and oil the crowd for Zomboy.

As the first drop of Zomboy's set commenced the words "It's fucking Zomboy!." The words bounced off every wall and initiated some of the most powerful bass driven hysteria that I've ever seen. The whole place was moving in unison. Song after song, drop after drop we all turned into savages. Every where you looked people had that familiar grimace you get when the song is too good; the bass face. The placed was packed and sweaty but it didn't matter. We were all one unit, one pack and we were just let back into the wild.

What I love best about dubstep shows is that you can do what you want. There is no stigma. Show up in a suit, show up in a plaid shirt, show up in bright neon and furry boots. No one is judging and no one cares as long as you're there to rage just as hard as everyone else. 

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