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Favorite ThisPhers debuts wild and wobbly 'Street Light'

Published: March 28, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Phers - Alleyways EPRoss McPherson is back on The Untz Festival bill for the second straight year. We were first made aware of Phers by our Wormhole Music Group partners, and since that time, McPherson has continued to make his presence felt in the west coast bass community.

Today he returns to the spotlight (all the puns, intended) with a new EP, Alleyways, and we have the distinct pleasure of premiering “Street Light” from the studio release. A bit of a chameleon, Phers is able to cover a number of broad bass subgenres with each track on this EP, and within this single cut, he's able to give us a lot of different flavors. All the while, he keeps the wobbles come in fast and heavy.

Phers will be joining the likes of Shield, Goopsteppa, bioLumiGen, tsimba, spacegeishA, Ultrasloth, and so many more June 1-2 in Mariposa, California with a special Early Arrival Party slated for May 31st. For tickets and more info visit

Listen to Phers' Alleyways EP

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