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Favorite ThisPathwey and Iyakuh bring Lakota prayer music to our community

Published: July 13, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

WokiksuyeFrom tragedy springs healing and a message of hope. That's the aim of a new project from Pathwey and Iyakuh.

The pair of producers, in conjunction with Mahto Akicita, sought to bring ceremonial Lakota prayer songs traditionally meant for a sweat lodge to a contemporary, electronica and downtempo community. Tragically, after completing recording of the first collaboration in their series, Akicita passed away. In his place, his mother, stepfather, and other family members stepped in to take his place to finish the project.

The result is Wokiksuye: A Tribute to Our Ancestors, a four track collection that pairs beautiful Lakota songs, their translations into English, and lush, ambient and downtempo music.

Fans of Pathwey will recognize him as a key figure in The Undergrowth, the Asheville crew slated to make its return to The Untz Festival this fall. He has been a longtime collaborator with Iyakuh, and together they have created a number of rich, hypnotizing soundscapes that blend beauty and bass.

Now fans can purchase a physical CD from Aquatic Collective that features a 12-page booklet of the Lakota prayers and their translations, as well as art created by Pathwey for the release.

The loss of Mahto does not impede the spirit of the release, which is a healing and hopeful note from the Lakota people. Their hope is that their teachings encourage us all in to live in harmony with one another and regain our connection with the planet.

Wokiksuye: A Tribute to Our Ancestors is available in physical format with translations + art

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