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Favorite ThisPapa Skunk - Loud Noises (Alpha Data Remix)

Published: September 6, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

With each subsequent release, it becomes clearer that James Ristvedt only thinks in 1s and 0s. Taking on a remix of Papa Skunk's "Loud Noises," Alpha Data breaks it down like no other. Somehow, he's able to sync up the spikiest synth sounds on the market. The piercing attack of the melodic lines echoes the pounding force of the drums. He makes 110BPM feel like 300. Not the movie, 300, but I guess, kinda that, too. It's ripped, angry, and packs a punch. On top of that, the outro of the cut crams in a little moombahton madness. Mind you, the track is not all over the place; it's a meticulously planned journey that goes from Point A to Point B with a ton of action in the middle. You can just always tell an Alpha Data song--it's got such a signature feel. "Loud Noises," indeed.