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Favorite ThisPapa Skunk Exclusive Remix: "Longest Road" (Morgan Page)

Published: June 20, 2011

No, you didn't spend too much time hanging out with Shady Fred in your tent drinking his off-yellow jug of orange juice and talking about space travel, that really WAS a skunk you saw scurrying around at Wakarusa Festival. Or at least, it was Dan Scheidt, a.k.a. Papa Skunk, dressed in a skunk suit. He's been hitting a ton of festivals this summer, including Summer Camp and Wakarusa, along with a handful of Sonic Bloom pre parties. He was just at The Blastoff in Ohio last weekend with his homies from Grassroots California, doing his thing in their geodesic dome. 

His thing, is a little bit of glitch hop dipped in dubstep. This Boulder-based (are you surprised?) producer, a member of The Skunk Boyz, reinvented his sound with a couple of EPs late last year, and has already released his Bluntastic EP on Tycho Records early last month. Check out his remix of Morgan Page's "Longest Road." Papa dips and dives into bass, injecting a little pip into the sultry vocals. Hip and fresh, the glitchy, bass-laden take elevates Page's composition without washing it out.

Morgan Page "Longest Road" (Papa Skunk Remix)

Make sure you chase down the Skunk the next time you seem him roving your favorite festival.  You can catch him TONIGHT and Tomorrow in Nebraska on the "Road to Sonic Bloom" with Treethugger (Fresh2Death) as they move their way to Georgetown, Colorado and the Sonic Bloom Festival.  So if you are at Shadow's Ranch this weekend keep your eyes and ears peeled for Papa Skunk.


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