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Favorite ThisPANTyWARS: The PANTyRAiD onslaught hits The Fillmore in Denver

Published: December 10, 2013
Video by: David Nowatzki & Mark Santos
Story by: Anand Harsh

Last month, a devastating tragedy took place at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO. All out war broke out at the famed venue, when PANTyRAiD took the stage on November 16th.

PANTyRAiD member, MartyParty, recalls the carnage, "The air was so thick with thongs, I couldn't see past the front row," he cringes, "At one pont, I was struck by a leopard print G-string."

Marty and partner Ooah estimate more than 3000 ladies' undergarments were used at the terrorizing apex of the night's festivities. Performers Ana Sia, Kastle, and Beni Haze could only standby and watch the carnage unfold.

"We're just a couple of beatmakers trying to have a good time," Ooah wondered aloud, "Why would our fans unload this unfathomable assault of unmentionables?"

There were no reported casualties, but bass music fans across the country are wondering where a spectacle of this magnitude might breakout next.

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