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Favorite ThisPANTyRAiD: That's the Spot x Jokes from the Backseat (Official Video)

Published: July 3, 2013
By: Shelly Hubal

Hold on to your skivvies, it’s gonna be a wild ride. PANTyRAiD unveiled its brand-spankin’ new mashup video for “That’s The Spot” and “Jokes From The Backseat,” two songs from their recent release, PillowTalk. MartyParty and Ooah have coupled stellar bass-heavy tracks with stunning visuals to leave you shakin’ in your Beats. Director Elliott Sellers aids in bringing the fever to PANTyRAiD’s mobile pics leaving us all sweaty with goosebumps galore. 

PANTyRAiDA blur of dewy skin shrouded in dreamlike fantasy becomes the backdrop for a lust story extraordinaire. Having been gifted this front row seat I straighten my spine to learn of girl and beat. Breathing life, music creates a perfect opposite to our leading lady. “That’s The Spot” represents insurmountable longing; its edgy pulse and ascending synth chime foreplay. “Jokes From The Backseat” embodies the aggressive action of desires realized. A hard-hitting calculated cadence stalks paranormal prey. These hot cuts sewn together create fierce volatility; it’s just sick. The pressure surmounts as we transform and transcend. Having been granted access into another realm we gain a supernatural identity devoid of all fear. And live happily ever after.

PANTyRAiD has been making subs and beds bounce hard since 2008. The ingenious duo takes their fab part-time project from studio sheets to the streets this summer. It is one show not to be missed. Let’s get RAiDed.

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