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Favorite ThisPacific Patterns debuts 'Birdwatching' from new EP

Published: May 22, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend

Pacific PatternsBig news out of Portland, Oregon today. In the last six months or so, we have featured a couple of tunes from up-and-coming PNW producer Pacific Patterns. In keeping with our unimpeachable track record of illuminating the underground and finding the next big things in bass music, we are pleased to feature “Birdwatching,” the first single from forthcoming EP Purple Garden.

Chris Petersen, known to the west coast music scene as Pacific Patterns, has steadily been churning out experimental beats for quite some time. His style reflects a deep commitment to composing music in harmony with our experience as humans navigating nature. Each track on the EP takes this commitment and channels it through various influences found in our everyday lives. “Birdwatching” is no exception.

Many of us relate to stealing a moment away from the rush, peering in to the simple elegance of a bird’s existence. Pacific Patterns takes this meditation to even greater depths as he morphs these ordinary sounds and sights into a luscious arrangement of exotic melodies and rhythms. It is as though nature sings its own songs and luckily, Pacific Patterns is keen enough to listen.

“Birdwatching” in one of four tunes dropping via Street Ritual on May 23. The Purple Garden EP is a benchmark at the beginning of a wild and exciting ride ahead for Petersen. For those of you with a savvy sense for future stars, you better believe that this Portland beat boy should be at the top of your list.

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