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Favorite ThisOrigin collabs with Tha Fruitbat on halftime swamper #DatCaliLifeTho

Published: May 16, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

OriginCan I start calling these minimal pulsing halftime grooves "swampers" instead of "stompers"—nevermind, I already know the answer. Yes, of course.

Origin has been in the drum & bass game forever, and thankfully DnB's time to shine is back, albeit in a slightly different format. The halftime craze (or as soon as calling it, slowfast), is cool for several reasons, chief amongst them being new life has been injected into the drum and bass game, but also that mixing into the higher BPM's on drops and the reverting back to these neck-snapping half speeds is also pretty damn satisfying.

Ryan Origin got together with Tha Fruitbat on this killer smash, “#DatCaliLifeTho,” that's got a real swampy sound (hence the “swamper” conjecture), and it's definitely got this eerie vibe that keeps the listener intrigued. It's 100% different from everything else on the EP, which demonstrates a ton of different looks from the drum & bass vet. The Aeroplane EP drops June 2 on Muti Music.

Tags: Drum and Bass