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Favorite ThisOregon Eclipse doesn't skimp on the experience

Published: May 8, 2017

Story by: Ellie Salrin

Photos by: Juliana Bernstein (Get Tiny Photography)

Oregon EclipseIn the saturated world of festival cultures and lineups, there are many that prove to be quite impressive. Oregon Eclipse Gathering has just taken the bar and raised it up to outer space with a monumental and diverse lineup unheard of in recent times. The situation at hand happens to be a mind-boggling merger of twelve of the top festival producers and collectives from around the globe.

With the majestic Big Summit Prairie (in Ochoco National Forest) as the setting, and arranged around a total solar eclipse occurrence, the environment of natural beauty and celestial wonder will house a robust seven days of music, art, and activities in the heart of Oregon.

The private 55,000 acre ranch will offer music, art installations, workshops, classes, flat campgrounds, forested areas, an enormous lake with art boats, and an international cast of creators, artists, and attendees for what will truly be a life-changing experience for all involved.

Stages & Music Lineup

Seven stages have been expertly curated and into their own microcosms of sound and vibes.

  • EclipseA staggering collection of festival all-stars like Bassnectar, STS9 (two nights), The String Cheese Incident (two nights), Polish Ambassador, Desert Dwellers, CocoRosie, G Jones, and Thriftworks. Live performances by the likes of Shpongle (ft. Raja Ram with Simon Posford), OPIUO, Emancipator, Random Rab, and Beats Antique will bring an even bigger punch to the stage from which the eclipse will be fully visible.
  • MoonDeep and dirty bass is well represented here, boasting cats like EPROM, Bleep Bloop, Mr. Bill, Minnesota, Andreilien, Zeke Beats, The Gaslamp Killer, The Librarian, CloZee, An-ten-nae, second appearances by G Jones and Thriftworks, a super special guest, and many more.
  • EarthHere you’ll find decadent consciousness expanding artists such as Emancipator, The Human Experience, Kaminanda, Kayla Scintilla, Birds of Paradise, Phaeleh, Bluetech, Govinda, Janover, SaQi, Whitebear, Living Light, and more Desert Dwellers to name a few.
  • SunPsytrance and techno will have its own haven featuring Treavor Moontribe, Perfect Stranger, Hallucinogen, 1200 Mics, Tristan, Ace Ventura, Protoculture, and a unique 24-hour experience by Goa Gil and Ariane.
  • SkyGet down to a housey electro collection of musicians here including Desert Hearts (Lee Reynolds, Mikey Lion, Marbs, Porkchop), Ana Sia, Christian Martin, Damian Lazarus, Jake The Rapper, and Acid Pauli.
  • Silk RoadWorld music is given its own platform, where artists such as Ayla Nereo, Dirtwire, Frameworks, Jai Uttal, Mista Savona, Fanna-Fi-Allah, throat singer Huun-Huur-Tu, Mike Love, Sorne, and Root Transmission (ft. Sara Tone, Tubby Love, Amber Lily and more) will come from around the globe to lend their unique essence.
  • Big TopHere we have an assemblage of acts hosted by Vau de Vire Society. Just as the name indicates, this realm will host a spectacle of cirque performances intertwined with notable musical artists like EOTO, Zion I, Vokab Kompany, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Lyrics Born, Elephant Revival, Steve Kimock & Friends, The Heavy Pets, LYNX & the Servants of Song, and more.


Oregon EclipseA truly robust and experienced group of creators has joined forces, each contributing their own flavor to an insanely co-creative event.

Elemental Alchemy Immersive Series

A number of opportunities to learn and cocreate are being be offered prior to and during the fest, with Visual Art, Voice of Change Yoga Immersive, Ritual Performance, and Herbalism & Earth Arts classes already sold out.

  • Permaculture Design Course (still available) - Offered August 3-16, this intensive provides an offering of workshops, materials, and activities to equip its participants with the knowledge to protect and utilize our natural systems in addition to leveraging tactics to become more self-sufficient with our current resources. It includes three meals per day during the course as well as your pass to the festival. Find more info here.


  • Wheel of Fortune - A mind-bending art installation, the concept of which is a living Tarot deck. Its 22 doors each take you to a different Tarot depiction. A place of deep self reflection, but also community and elegance, the Wheel of Fortune will host ceremonies, tea parties, live music, and workshops as well.
  • Guerilla Science - This is a platform for collaboration, installations, events, and interactivity. It is currently extending an open invitation for contributors who want to help create experiences.


  • Shuttle Bus - The ecoShuttle charter bus will provide environmentally friendly rides from Portland International Airport to the festival grounds. Whether you’re flying in from out of town, want to meet new homies on the way, or just want a simpler travel option, you can learn more about the bus here
  • Rideshare- Another migration option is to hop on the rideshare and either offer or a request a ride and make fresh connections before you even get to the grounds.
  • Ready Set Camp - There are a plethora of pre-set camping options available from simple to extravagant, providing you the opportunity to roll in without the hassle of camping necessities and still be comfortable.
  • ADA Accessibility - Oregon Eclipse will be fully equipped to welcome attendees with disabilities. Getting around the grounds, parking and camping, viewing areas at the stages, and more will be offered so that anyone with challenges will still be able to enjoy the fest.
  • Hot Air Balloons - Take everything in from a bird’s eye view. Both tethered and scenic options are available for you and your crew to experience the festivities from up high.

Oregon EclipseGet Involved

  • Participants are welcome to apply their contributions toward art installations, yoga and movement, environments, art boats, media, and volunteering.
  • Global Wheeling - Take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience and join an exodus of carbon neutral travel to the fest. Lead by activist and filmmaker Kayden Kleinhans, the group (which is accepting comrades along the way) will travel by bicycle from San Francisco the 700 miles to the festival with many adventures along the way. Learn more about the pilgrimage here.


General Admission upgrades are currently available here. Of course there are many options for add-ons, such as Early Entry and Vehicles Passes, as well as the aforementioned Ready Set Camp options like Bell Tent, Lost Hotel, Shift Pod, Pallet Palace, Yurt, Buffalo Tent, and Arazmas Village. Explore all the upgrades here.

Join a tribe of international creatures at Global Eclipse Gathering as history is made this August!

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