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Favorite ThisOpiuo: Butternut Slap Remixed Review

Published: March 27, 2013
By: Alex Silva

Opiuo has released his latest remix album, Butternut Slap Remixed, on Addictech Records. Encompassing a range of styles from dubstep to funk, the album features seven remixes by Russ Liquid, AMB, Fort Knox Five, Spoonbill, Infected Mushroom, Dirtyloud and Organikismness. It’s always impressing to see what will result from the collection of electronic music’s influence satellites. Everything comes full circle in the music industry. What once inspired one simultaneously inspires another, reminding us that no one style stands alone.
First up is Russ Liquid’s remix of “Don’t Hold Back.” One of the newer west coast glitch hop producers, Russ Liquid’s instrumental influences bring soul into Opiuo’s original collaboration piece while maintaining Opiuo’s gurgling basslines. The remix is much more downtempo than the original which also features Liquid, as well as Syreneiscreamy on vocals. Although relatively new to the EDM scene, Russ Liquid has been neck-deep in the music industry since his earlier years as a classically trained member of a jazz quintet.
AMB’s remix of “Ripple” picks up the tempo a bit, reaching more towards glitch hop’s tribal breakbeat side. With heavier use of exotic samples and instrumentals, AMB gives the track a more worldly approach. Its midway down-to-earth vibes belch out into a spastic groove of digitally distorted bass hums that complete the Hungarian’s “ambstep” sound.
Fort Knox Five brings the funk on board with their remix of “Wiggle Sticks.” The meaning of funk is, for the most part, meaningless without the harmonic and complex use of the horn section. From the sax to the fanfare, Fort Knox Five does a great job at highlighting the track’s brass sounds over Opiuo’s breakbeat template. What really distinguishes this track from the others is that varied use of horns that help illuminate that esteemed New Orleans sound. And you gotta love that cowbell too!
The next track dips back to glitch hop with Spoonbill’s remix of “Fizzle Tickler.” While heavier on the synthesizer, it maintains a jazzy undertone with it’s continued use of the horn section like previous tracks. The Australian producer glazes the beat with a muddy, futuristic bassline to reinforce that jive-step feel of the horns. It’s almost like an offspring between Gramatik and Tipper.
“Wiggle Sticks” get a serious electronic upgrade with Infected Mushroom’s take on the already dancefloor-driven track. Using the instrumentals as a fallback, the duo adds a progressive push to the horn section and layers it with aggressive tech house grooves and complextro basslines. If this remix album hasn’t grabbed your attention yet, this track might just be the one to do so.
Up next is one of my personal favorite Brazilian electronic producers, Dirtyloud! Known for their hyped-up energetic style, the duo brings on those grungy basslines that help cast them into the EDM limelight. If drum & bass is your thing, then skip right ahead to this remix of “Ripple.” It’s a much darker track compared to the rest of the album, but that’s what makes this compilation so worth noting! Diversity is key.
Last but not least, Organikismness closes off the album with his dubstep remix of “Ripple.” This isn’t your average dubstep piece, however. The New Zealand-born producer strips the track down and abandons that funk vibe for a slower, refined dub sound. Tech house basslines and atmospheric synths echo through the downtempo lullaby of hi-hat clicks and syncopated drum kicks.
Opiuo is currently finishing up his 2013 Europe Tour, with several dates throughout England and one in Brussels, Belgium. In the coming weeks, he is also scheduled to play two dates in Israel before returning to New Zealand and Australia. Opiuo will make his first North American appearance in 2013 this June for Sonic Bloom. Butternut Slap Remixed is now available on Beatport.

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