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Favorite ThisOmnist is poised to deal the bass scene a bodyblow with Systems

Published: April 20, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

Omnist - Systems EPIf this is your first time coming across Omnist's music, prepare to have your socks blown out through your shoes.

Johann Harshman, who I guess has been hiding out in Colorado's Front Range, somehow slipped under my radar. But that's no longer the case. His music is front and center in my mind, and I'm scratching my head wondering how I missed it in the first place. He's got releases on DoYu, VALE, a 40oz Collective, Rapture Studios, and WONK#AY, but most importantly, everything he releases tends to explode.

Enter Systems, his debut EP out April 23. Harshman has five bruising tracks that are going to light the bass scene ablaze, and today I'm thrilled to let fans in on the title track. “Systems” contains this shuddering groove that's straight from Bristol. His flair for broken jungle beats and amen breaks is particularly enticing to someone of my predilections.

Omnist joins Black Carl! at Cervantes in Denver, Colorado for a socially distanced, limited capacity event. Tickets are on sale now for that, and you can grab his EP this Friday.

Tags: Drum and BassGlitch