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Favorite ThisOf The Trees introduces fans to The Chrome Knight

Published: May 31, 2017

By: Chris Conte

The Untz Festival 2017There are only a couple days left until The Untz Festival. Artists are gearing up for the supernatural journey that will happen in the Mariposa woods this upcoming weekend. With the release of his new tune, “Our Hero Returns (Part One),” Of The Trees introduces us to his alter ego… The Chrome Knight.

Accompanied with this banger of a tune is an idea new to our scene. He is building a compelling narrative to attach to his releases. Of The Trees might be the one to break the current mold of just straight up putting out tracks. We’ve heard of concept albums but nothing like this. Tyler Coombs is actually generating a fascinating dynamic. He is meshing literature and weird bass. In lieu of understanding people’s desire for a good story and the need to band your head, Coombs has combined both imagery and a soundscape. Quite an interesting expression of creativity. From our knowledge this is the first of its kind. Not only does the beginning of the tale make us want to hear the rest, it’s a tremendous sub shaker with a snare that will shatter glass windows.

The story of the Chrome Knight begins…

“Wake up, TCK25. They’re waiting for you.” emitted a soothing artificial voice, followed by the jarring sound he had become all-to-familiar with; a large metal door whined as his hibernation chamber opened. “Everything is set up, your final task awaits.”

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