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Favorite Thisnot yes are 'next up'

Published: November 4, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

not yes - nod heads EPI got my hands on this tune, “clunky mc ice” at the end of last year. And it made me freak out. Like, not like smile or tap my toes, but throw my Monster can through drywall, total Kyle-style lose my shit. Who the fuck is not yes I asked, but nobody answered me.

The Amsterdam-based progressive breaks duo is the best-kept-secret in the bass world. These cats have been releasing some serious heat, but because we're so close-minded here in the States, nobody was talking about them.

Until now.

The Rust Music, which has been really pushing their sound through the pandemic is proudly releasing  the pair's nod heads EP on November 9th. I'm absolutely tickled to premiere “next up,” which incorporates that hallmark not yes vocal effect, but deploys it in this bombastic breaks mania that will get the heads up off the couch and nodding.

If the next step is to get these guys out of Europe and out to US clubs and festivals, then so be it. I volunteer myself as tribute.


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