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Favorite ThisNominus teases Shockwave EP with 'Flipside' [Addictech Records]

Published: February 23, 2016

By: Jonathan Gross

Envision & SerenityAhead of his much-anticipated appearances at Envision Festival this week and Serenity Gathering next month, glitch-hop guru Nominus is serving up a four-track EP for fans who need that funk. Out today (February 23) on Addictech Records, the tight little parcel of the Shockwave EP packs a punch for those subsonic junkies who like their bass a little psychedelic.

Today's special feature is "Flipside," a tour de force of global glitch that pairs funky rhythms with thrilling low end frequncies. Bouncy and frenetic, you just can't help but bob your head to that feel-good groove. The slick percussive drive locks you into the pocket, and you're hurtling down a synaptic connection straight into your inner cortex. Feel the Shockwave.

Buy Shockwave EP now from Addictech Records! (a lil' cheaper)

Buy Shockwave EP now from BandCamp!

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