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Favorite ThisNobide premieres future/chill hit 'All Of This'

Published: November 15, 2016

By: Anand Harsh


Boulder's Nick Vann continues to propel his sound into new sonic territories. The latest Nobide single, “All Of This” plays with a unique downtempo fugue, before propelling into a full on future bass hook.

It's a tricky one—don't let it fool you. Beneath the chill exterior, there is a molten core of intensity ready to burn you if you're not careful. There's a fiery passion down below. Slipping out as gently as it came in, this tune will soon become a playlist staple. We've heard an evolution in Nobide's sound with the past couple of releases, which culminate in something new and interesting with “All Of This."

Vann joins a handful of Rocky Mountain homies at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO on January 6, as Lucid Vision headlines the affair alongside Homemade Spaceship, Spectacle, TwoScoops, and of course, Nobide.

Lucid Vision Denver

Tags: DowntempoHip Hop